My Friday Five Garden Journal

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My Friday Five Garden Journal

5 things that made me smile this week

Garden Journal

1. A Newly Mowed Lawn

I love the smell of newly cut fresh grass. Although I would love to get rid of the lawn completely, I love how a newly mowed lawn.


2. My Miniature Garden

I love how gardens change with the seasons. I have added 2 more miniature gardens and they are full of plants this year. If you take a closer look you may see some garden fairies.



3. My flowers in my Welcome Garden

I have been smiling every day when I pass my Welcome Garden. It is in full bloom! It took me awhile to figure out what to plant under this tree or shall I say how to plant under this tree. Nothing would grow because the tree was taking up much of the space with its roots. Terracotta Pots has been a wonderful solution!


4. Sharing a bouquet of poetry prompts from the MA Poetry festival in Salem, MA 

I was delighted to stop by the Peabody Essex Museum Saturday and make a bouquet of writing prompts with Colleen Micheals during the Mass poetry festival. Her team had made 1000 paper flowers, each a writing prompt. I, in turn, gave the bouquet of flower prompts to Literacy Champion and friend Jan Plourde. Jan, in turn, gave one flower prompt from her bouquet to each of her Northshore Community College students. Planting seeds of inspiration made me smile.


My flower prompt: After the Rain: 
Write a poem that begins: After the rain, it all looked different. Make sure your poem contains specific details about the landscape, the glistening, the spring flowers and perhaps the mood of the speaker.

IMG_2247 2

5. Learning about Bee Keeping: Honey from OZ

We were lucky to have Joe from Crystal Bee come visit our hive. We learned a few things and thrilled to know that the hive is healthy and happy. It’s almost time to put the second box on. Stay tuned for more stories about “Honey from OZ.” (My son’s Hebrew name is Oz. It means strength.)



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Have a great week.







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