My Bee Keeping Journal: Honey from OZ

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My Bee Keeping Journal: Honey from OZ

This journal is simply the documentation of our beekeeping story. We are not expert beekeepers by any means. The intention of this journal is simply to capture a glimpse into our beekeeping experience. 

This adventure began last year when our son, William, asked us if he could get a beehive for his 12th birthday. After taking a beekeeping class together, we joined the beekeeping community. I have to admit, I had no intention of becoming a beekeeper, therefore, this experience thus far has thrown me completely out of my comfort zone and into unknown territory. So far, it has been a little scary and invigorating at the same time. 

Honey from OZ: It was a classic conversation at the kitchen table. What will we put in the jars of honey when we finally get to harvest? Our 13-year-old son William has named his beekeeping business HONEY FROM OZ. The name Oz comes from William’s baby naming ceremony. At that time he was given the Hebrew name OZ. It means strength. He is envisioning a Yellow Brick Road of honeycomb on his harvested jars of honey.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Beekeeping Lessons: We were lucky to have Joe from Crystal Bee come visit us and give us a few additional beekeeping lessons. He watched William do his weekly hive inspection and then showed us some of his own beekeeping tips and tricks. We saw the queen and lots of healthy hive activity. We are almost ready to put the second box on. This is extremely exciting, as we had a weak hive last year and didn’t even get this far.


Each time we open the hive we learn something new. Thank you, Joe! It is super exciting to know that our hive is bursting with new bees and that we are helping the environment. Watching William manage thousands of bees in such calm way is also incredible.

IMG_2226 2

IMG_2250 2

After our lesson at our own hive, we ventured down the road to observe Joe inspect another hive. Practice makes perfect.


This project inspired me to plant a pollinator garden near the bees. Can’t wait to watch it grow and fill in.

Now I want to hear from you. Are you a beekeeper? Share a beekeeping story in the comments below. Do you want to learn more about Outdoor Classrooms, come and visit me at

















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